Initial Free Commercial Build Consultation

Who is this service for?

Our free consultation service is for hospitality businesses planning to enhance an existing space, or build a new one entirely, resulting in a functional, efficient commercial kitchen. You would typically be the owner of a franchise, restaurant, hotel or café. You’re looking for aesthetic changes that will raise your brand profile, productivity in the kitchen and overall customer satisfaction when using the kitchen and/or bar.

Who is this service not suitable for?

If you want just a quick fix, Mariljohn is probably not for you! We offer a complete commercial kitchen design solution at a competitive price, and we build long-term relationships with our clients. We are not in the business of providing substandard service or unreliable equipment that might save you pennies at first, but will cost you many dollars to repair or replace later on.

What to expect during this call

A personalised one-on-one meeting with a Mariljohn expert who will match your vision with the latest equipment and design trends to create a winning solution.

We focus on understanding your unique requirements, so we can come up with a tailored solution for you. During the call, expect us to remain clear about what you are looking for specifically and how we can support you in closing the gap between what you want and attaining it. We can offer suggestions based on the thousands of commercial kitchens we have created, and discuss other quotes you have received, to ensure you are getting the right price and that your needs are being met.

If for some reason our service is not quite what you’re looking for, we will support you in doing what is best for you. We are interested in gaining your trust and if it makes sense and it is a win-win situation, we will do business together!

How do I prepare?

The more prepared you are for our meeting, the better. To make the consultation as effective as possible, we advise you to consider:

  1. Building plans
  2. Concept sketches
  3. Feature menu and types of food to be produced
  4. What is your vision of your business?
  5. Any possible examples you like
  6. What is your budget
  7. What would you like most from your kitchen?
  8. Number of staff and experience levels

What is the structure of our meeting?

The meeting should take place in person, however with international clients we do use Skype or telephone meetings. If meeting in person, we would arrange a mutually convenient time for both parties to meet at the premises to walk through and discover opportunities for better brand positioning, efficiencies, and to gain a feel for what is possible in the space.

If no current space exists, the meeting can take place at our Mariljohn office, where we can provide examples and previously executed designs. If speaking via telephone or Skype, this can be done virtually as well. The typical meeting time is between forty-five and sixty minutes. We ask that everyone involved in the decision-making process is present if possible, to save you time and ensure all bases are covered.

How do I get started?

After being in business for over 34 years, we are clear about who we work well with. We want to make sure we are a match and can serve you in the best possible way. We are selective with our clients, as we pride ourselves on serving them well and building long-term relationships. Our simple, clear process for beginning to work with someone starts with an easy online form (2-3 minutes) gathering your contact information and a brief snapshot about your challenge and what you are looking for. Once this is complete, a member of our Melbourne kitchen design team will call you to discuss the next steps.