Surviving Your First Stint In Hospo

Below is an excerpt from an article in Broadsheet Melbourne about Matilda’s owner Scott Pickett. You can read the full article by clicking the button below.

Surviving Your First Stint In Hospo

“I fell in love with it”, Chef Scott Pickett says. At a young age of 14 with a job at a winery restaurant near his home in McLaren Vale, South Australia. He’d go straight to the restaurant after school to scrub dishes.

In the early days, there wasn’t a job that Pickett didn’t do. “I’d do the accounts, the payroll, the super, the bills, the ordering, the cooking, the cleaning – everything,” he says.  And while he was working at the restaurant until midnight seven days a week, his wife was at home, running the household and caring for their two children, then aged five and three. He is very much grateful for all the skills he acquired at The Point in Albert Park before launching his very own business.

In doing the basics well as his philosophy, Pickett adds, “We smile, and we look after our guests. We try to make sure that our product is of the highest quality.”

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