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Start Up Restaurant Financing

Designing and building kitchens for over 35 years, Mariljohn have helped hospitality businesses establish themselves in competitive markets such as Melbourne. From long-standing franchises to new businesses, our kitchen & bar funding solutions can help empower companies to start serving food faster. For start up restaurant financing, contact us for more information.

Restaurant Financing

Helping St Ali develop a trendy warehouse & innovative kitchen to serve the best artisanal coffee & brunch in South Melbourne, we have experience in assisting businesses grow. Read & watch interviews of other client success stories to see how financing a new restaurant with us can get you up and running.

To finance a restaurant, simply follow these steps:

  1. Talk to a financing specialist at Mariljohn, to discuss budgeting & projected timelines
  2. Submit financial paperwork for approval
  3. Funds are granted to begin developing your new commercial kitchen and/or bar!

Find Out How

If you’re wondering how to finance my restaurant, call us on 03 9460 3421 or email us at Learn more about your financing options and how an innovative commercial kitchen design can save you significant long-term costs!

Start Up Restaurant