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Small Business Loans for Restaurants

As the owner of a franchise, restaurant, hotel or cafe, Mariljohn can support you through our partnership with funding solution providers (Axsesstoday & Silver Chef). Offering small business loans for restaurants, we can help provide funding for staff, marketing, etc. to get your restaurant open & serving food faster!

Small Restaurant Financing

We love to help restaurants who plan to enhance an existing space or build a new commercial kitchen. If you’re looking for functionality, the latest technology & innovative designs, we have the in-house expertise to assist. Having helped other businesses grow, such as St Ali, we pay close attention to every detail to minimise costs & improve long-term returns on investment.

Find out how to get small business loans for restaurant startups by following these steps:

  1. Speak with our team about your budgeting & anticipated time frames
  2. Submit the necessary financing paperwork for approval
  3. Funds are granted to your restaurant

For any quick questions & queries, call us on 9460 3421.

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Learn more about how we can help your business grow, with an innovative commercial kitchen design, by booking a free consultation with our designers.

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