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Restaurant Kitchen Design

As a family-operated business that specialise in designing kitchens for the hospitality industry, restaurant kitchen designs are our bread & butter! We love what we do, and love seeing our clients and the community thrive.

We have several designers, who have each designed hundreds of kitchens, capable of serving you and meeting your specific needs. Whether you’re restricted for space, have ventilation issues, or problems with heating or cooling, our experience in creating innovative restaurant kitchen layouts will allow your business to excel.

Our restaurant kitchen floor plans maximise look, speed, and your budget. Understanding that time is money, we often work with franchises to meet deadlines prior to launch dates.

Other reasons that make us stand out are:

  • In-house project management and support services
  • Unique approaches to each kitchen, unless franchise uniformity is requested
  • Highly trained and certified hospitality tradespeople
  • Experience in working with some of Australia’s largest franchises and companies
Catering kitchen & bar with appliances, storage, and food production stations

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Before your next restaurant kitchen installation, contact us on 03 9460 3421 to organise a free consultation. We lead the industry for restaurant layout designs which will help your business grow!

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