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Restaurant Bar Design

For over 30 years Mariljohn have been leading the industry for innovative and functional restaurant bar designs. Enhancing existing areas or establishing new spaces, our restaurant bar design ideas can transform the performance of your hospitality business. See our client success stories to see the impact we’ve had.

Using the latest technology, we can produce concept designs that will give you a visualisation of your restaurant bar layout and how it’ll improve productivity. Not only can you improve efficiency, you can save on long-term costs as correctly manufactured and installed equipment is highly durable and is therefore a high return on investment.

Have your say & collaborate with us on your restaurant bar design

If you have your own restaurant bar design plans or would like to contribute to the restaurant bar layout design, we are more than happy to collaborate. Submit any drafts, plans, or ideas to us via our free consultation page. We will then be in contact to organise the free consultation & discovery meeting to begin the process!

Please note: we value long-term partnerships for the benefit of both parties. If you are after a quick fix, rather than Mariljohn’s ongoing commitment to improving your hospitality operations, we may not be the best option for you.

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If you are unsure where to start, we are still happy to help!

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