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Loan to Start a Restaurant

Discover how to get a loan to start a restaurant by talking to the experienced team at Mariljohn. By offering complete commercial kitchen design solutions, with financing available, we develop long-term relationships with clients for sustained success. Our extensive experience and in-house capabilities ensure that we minimise start-up costs and meet project deadlines.

Finance Loans & Funding Solutions

To help clients get a loan to start restaurant, we have partnered with hospitality funding solutions providers (Axsesstoday & Silver Chef). By providing funds for staffing, marketing, etc. we aim to get your restaurant open and serving food faster. For a loan for restaurant start up, follow these simple steps:

  1. Talk to us about budgeting and estimated time frames
  2. Submit the required finance paperwork for approval
  3. Funds are granted to your restaurant

Book a Consultation

Learn more about how our project management team & highly certified tradespeople can make sure your kitchen is right for the future of your business. Book a free consultation with our team to see how we can not only help you start a restaurant but launch a successful business.

Finance Your Restaurant