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Hotel Kitchen Design

Improve your brand profile with a functional, productive and innovative hotel kitchen design. For over 35 years Mariljohn have been developing commercial kitchen & bar fitouts for hospitality businesses to improve their overall customer experience. Our history includes over 10,000 client success stories, many of which we continue to assist today with long-term sustainable relationships.

Designing Hospitality Kitchens

Priding ourselves on exceptional service, with reliable and quality tradespeople and equipment, we make the process from design to completion as easy as possible for you. Understanding that importance of budgeting and time constraints, we take everything into consideration to ensure every target is met and the result is an excellent commercial kitchen.

We also understand that cash flow is crucial to many businesses, and that many expenses are required during the growth of a business. Partnering with Axsess Today and Silver Chef, we have hospitality funding solutions for new and long-standing businesses.

Reinvigorate Your Hotel Kitchen

Our dedicated team of designers and project managers will focus on developing your unique hotel kitchen layout so that you can focus on your customers. Working in Richmond’s iconic live music venue, The Corner Hotel, we created a refurbished rooftop like no other! This highly successful kitchen redesign even introduced a new generation of pub-goers to this city venue.

Photography: Jake Roden

Begin discussing your ideas and dreams for the perfect hotel kitchen by calling 03 9460 3421, or book a free consultation online.