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Commercial Kitchen Updates

Mariljohn have been updating, renovating, and remodelling hospitality kitchens for over 30 years. Priding ourselves on optimising existing spaces, our history of client success showcases our commitment to creating unique solutions.

Regardless of how small or large your commercial kitchen remodelling needs to be, you can rely on our expertise to deliver a beautiful result. From commercial kitchen cabinets to a unique commercial kitchen hvac design, we transformed the kitchen at Giant Steps in just 3 weeks!

Improve the longevity and sustainability of your business with a commercial kitchen refurbishment that is built to last. Rather than a quick fix, we focus on quality equipment that meets the needs of clients, with a competitive price. For example, we designed an innovative commercial kitchen canopy design to match the overall commercial kitchen fabrication at Sorrento Baths.

Submit your ideas

If you have your own ideas on a commercial kitchen renovation, submit them to us online prior to your free initial consultation. We also advise that you prepare the following:

  • Any concepts, floor plans, sketches or photos of other appealing commercial kitchens
  • Your featured menu and food items to be produced
  • Your future vision for the business and your expectations of the kitchen
  • The number of kitchen staff and their respective experience
  • A budget for the design
Updated commercial kitchen with chefs

Talk to our Design Team

If you’re unsure where to start, talk to our friendly team on 03 9460 3421

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