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Commercial Kitchen Plan

Proper preparation and following a plan is essential for developing a successful commercial kitchen. Whether you plan to enhance an existing kitchen or create a new, more efficient and functional kitchen, Mariljohn have the design experience for your commercial kitchen plan.

However, even if construction has started, we can assess the current stage and make recommendations with a commercial kitchen layout plan. You will be surprised how much our planning could save you for future costs, avoiding the replacement of unreliable appliances, and providing potential opportunities for further enhancements.

To start the planning process, follow these steps:

  1. Contact Mariljohn today by phone, email or online
  2. Fill out a short application form
  3. Organise a discovery meeting with a Mariljohn design expert
  4. Bring your concepts, ideas, or even a rough commercial kitchen floor plan to the discovery meeting
  5. We will send a proposal to you based on your specific needs
  6. Engage the plan!
Commercial Kitchen Floor with central drain

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