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Commercial Kitchen Fit Out Costs

Designing & building innovative commercial kitchen fit outs in Melbourne since 1982, Mariljohn are experts in project management. Offering all of the services required for complete design solutions, at a competitive price, we avoid unreliable equipment to save you long-term costs. To find out how much does a commercial kitchen cost, book a free consultation with our team & get an obligation-free quote.

Cost of a Commercial Kitchen

As each client and each project has unique requirements & custom design needs, commercial kitchen fit out costs can vary. Having built thousands of commercial kitchens & bars, we know that correctly manufactured & installed equipment can create a high return on investment. Therefore, by paying close attention to each step of the process, we save clients thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars from future renovations & frequent updates.

Our In-House Services

Having all of the necessary capabilities to complete your commercial kitchen, our in-house team includes designers, consultants, renovators, project managers, trade installers & support. By focusing on energy efficiency & utilisation of space, we can optimise the output of food from your kitchen to further improve return on investment.

Get an Estimate

If you’re wondering how much a commercial kitchen cost to build is, get an estimate from our team by contacting us on 03 9460 3421 or emailing office@mariljohn.com.au.

Commercial Kitchen Fit Out