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Commercial Bar Plans

Revitalise your business with a new commercial bar from Mariljohn. Our commercial bar top ideas lead the industry for aesthetics and functionality. With access to major suppliers and brands from around the world, our designs can suit your style and budget.

Regardless of size, our history of working with over 10,000 clients has allowed us adapt to different environments. Remain competitive in your industry with commercial bar designs and plans that significantly impact your present day efficiency and future productivity.

Personalised service & unique commercial bar designs

We have worked with various industries including hospitality, education, and corporate business. Taking pride in the quality of service we deliver, from design to construction, all of our in-house services are there to make the job as easy as possible for you. However, we love client input, so if you have existing commercial bar design plans send them to us prior to a free consultation so we can come pre-prepared to the meeting with unique ideas.

commercial bar with overhead wine storage

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