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Best Commercial Kitchen Designs

For over 30 years Mariljohn have been building the best commercial kitchen designs for the hospitality industry. Our experienced team of designers are able to draw on the latest products and kitchen design trends to create productive and sustainable commercial kitchens.

Customised Client Kitchens

With a history of client success, we have the expertise to help your business develop a modern commercial kitchen that is space-efficient and user-friendly. Working with the Melbourne Eatery 8bit, we helped bring their arcade game-inspired burgers to Sydney. Chef Shayne McCallum believes that “this is our biggest and baddest store… and I think it’s looking pretty fantastic”.

Showcasing our kitchen design work is Matilda 159 Domain, which is Scott Pickett’s new restaurant. Developed as a casual venue in Melbourne’s south side with a flame-fuelled menu, this has the ideal commercial kitchen layout for oysters and champagne, a Hopkins River grass-fed steak, or just a bottle of red with a mate.

Free Initial Design Consultation

If you’re after the best commercial kitchen layout, organise a free initial design consultation with our team. To get the most out of your meeting, you can prepare the following:

  • Building plans & concepts of new commercial kitchen (examples, photos, sketches, etc.)
  • Feature menu and types of food to be produced
  • Budget and expectations of kitchen productivity
  • Number of staff and experience levels
Organised commercial kitchen with racking and fridges

Talk to our Design Team

If you’re unsure where to start, our friendly team would love to talk to you about your next commercial kitchen. Call us on 03 9460 3421 or email us at

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