How a Popular South Korean chain is Winning in Australia’s High Cost Environment

QSR Media got in touch with Richard Godwin, Master Franchisor for NeNe Chicken, to talk about the brand’s journey in Australia, and its challenges in finding a foothold in a high cost country.

NeNe Chicken was established in South Korea in 1999 and currently has over 1,000 outlets throughout South Korea. The brand opened its first outlet in May 2015 in Melbourne Central, and it quickly expanded to 11 outlets across the country in 18 months.

QSR Media: Can you tell us more about NeNe Chicken? What differentiates your brand in the market?

NeNe Chicken operates based on quality, not on price. As a franchisee with a smaller national franchisee footprint, NeNe cannot compete based on being the lowest cost operators. Instead NeNe focuses on brand quality and excitement. Our brand promise ‘exciting food served for life’, reflects this.

Our focus is on serving fried chicken that connects with the five senses to create the full ‘NeNe Experience’. This is incredibly important to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction and maintain their excitement in the brand. As follows:

  • Sight: bright, inviting outlets.
  • Smell: the marinate and sauce coatings
  • Sound: the crunch of the batter mix
  • Touch: the texture of the fried chicken
  • Taste: every sense up to this point is reaffirmed as the customer ‘tastes’ the full suite of senses

Our fried chicken has 3 unique factors that differentiate our product from our competitors…